Alive Bluetooth Heart and Activity Monitor

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The Alive Bluetooth Heart and Activity Monitor is a wireless health monitoring system for screening, diagnosis and management of chronic diseases, and for consumer health and fitness. Applications include the management of atrial fibrillation and heart failure, cardiac rehabilitation and fitness monitoring.

Designed for use in the doctor's office, home or gym, the monitor uses wireless Bluetooth and mobile phone networks to immediately transmit ECG and accelerometer data to a mobile phone, computer, or central monitoring centre. It features the latest generation of Bluetooth wireless technology and new electrode technology for optimum signal quality.

The Alive Heart and Activity Monitor can be used for remote real time monitoring of exercise programs via the internet. Using the Alive Heart and Activity Monitor, a GPS and mobile phone carried by the person exercising, the program supervisor or coach can remotely monitor the exact position, speed, position, ECG and heart rate in real time. For cardiac rehabilitation programs, and for training programs for elite athletes this provides real time feedback on the intensity and performance, allowing optimisation of the programs for maximum benefit and safety.




Channels: Single Channel

Resolution: 8bit

Sampling Rate: 300Hz

Dyn. Range: 5.3mV p-p

Bandwidth: 0.5Hz - 90Hz


Channels: 3 axes

Resolution: 8bit

Sampling Rate: 75Hz/channel

Dyn. range: 5.4g

Bandwidth: 0 - 16Hz


Version 2.1 compliant

Class 1 (up to 100m range)

Serial Port Profile

Internal antenna

Power Source

3.7V lithium-ion

48hrs - continuous wireless Tx.

Internal Storage

Type: 1GB SD card

Capacity: 21 days


L 90mm, W 40mm, D 16mm.

Weight: 55g with battery

Developer Kit

Open API

Free sample Android app with source code. 
Free sample Microsoft Windows app with source code. 

Supported Apps

Compatible with Android and MedM Health app



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