About Us

About Alive Technologies

Founded in 2002, Alive Technologies is headquartered at Ashmore, on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. 

Alive Technologies is a medical device company focused on the development of innovative wireless health monitoring systems for screening, diagnosis and management of chronic diseases, and for consumer health and fitness.

The AliveCor Story

Alive Technologies in collaboration with US entrepreneur Dr Dave Albert developed the AliveCor Heart Monitor, and AliveECG iOS and Android apps. In 2011 Bruce Satchwell, Kim Barnett and Dave Albert founded AliveCor, a US based company, to commercialize the product. Alive Technologies is now the distributor of the AliveCor heart monitor in Australia.


Bruce Satchwell - Chief Executive Officer.
Bruce is an experienced electronics designer, biomedical engineer and innovator, he has a successful 20 year track record in research, development and commercialisation of cardiovascular devices, leading the development of over 10 medical devices and systems including heart pacemakers, portable heart monitors, wireless telemedicine systems and expert systems for the automated analysis of ECGs. These products have all been successfully commercialised, with a number winning international awards, and are now sold worldwide. He has also been awarded over 10 international patents.

Kim Barnett - Chief Technology Officer.
Kim is an experienced software and mobile app developer and biomedical engineer, with over 15 years experience in development of medical products including mobile health, telemedicine, and ECG analysis systems. These products have won international awards and are in use in over 40 countries. He has also been awarded over 5 international patents for his innovations.